Global Tribe Community

A worldwide community of CBX Users sharing their knowledge, skills and resources to exchange goods and services through the CBX Platform and its facilities, bypassing the existing system and its complications.

The essence of the Global Tribe is based on digitizing the ancient barter system that is borderless and provides fair practices and multilateral trade settings. The Global Tribe is a self-regulated platform that promotes trust, integrity and a transparency that stays away from corporate usury, greed and fear.

The Global Tribe will feature the following benefits:

  1. Micro Interest-free loans (CBX Zero)
  2. Free Business Registration (within the CBX community)
  3. VR Market Bazaar
  4. Healthcare Insurance
  5. Investment Opportunities
  6. Acts as an FU to the current financial system
The above features are free of charge for all CBX Users (no hidden fees).

The main purpose of the Global Tribe is to foster a sustainable financial wellbeing for its users and protection from economic downturn.